Tired of Foreign Worker Management in Malaysia?

How can Andaraya assist you in Foreign Manpower Management efficiently?


Fully equipped foreign workers' hostels that are either owned, leased, or rented nearby the working location to save time and energy.

Logistics & Transporation

Own fleet of vehicles set aside for use in the time- and energy-saving commute from the hostel to the workplace.

Payroll Management

Dedicated software, accounting and IT professionals to manage payroll, leave management, benefits, and other administrative tasks

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You've come to the right place if you're seeking for a reputable organization to manage your foreign workers.With over 34 years of experience in Recruitment, Management and foreign Manpower Supply, we have the Skill, knowledge and competence to look after people's welfare.Foreign workers have diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic, national, and religious backgrounds.It's challenging to manage international workers.

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Well-experienced, expert team and Know-how

34+ years in the Manpower Business
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Young, Energetic, Experienced and Competitive Team
Trusted Foreign Manpower Management Company in Malaysia since 1989
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