Top 11 Foreign Worker Agencies in Malaysia


Andaraya is regarded as one of the Top 11 Foreign Worker Agencies in Malaysia, specialises in Foreign Worker Recruitment, Manpower Staffing, Manpower Supply & Management as well as Manpower Outsourcing to Startups, Small & Medium Enterprises, Big Business and multinational companies.

Long established manpower agency in Malaysia to supply foreign workers.

We won the HUMAN RESOURCES OUTSOURCING SERVICES EXCELLENCE Award at the Global Responsible Business Leadership Awards 2018

Malaysia is determined to reduce the dependence of Low skilled migrant workforce by employing Local Workers.

Govt has introduced a newEconomic policy, to encourage local worker recruitment and to restrict foreign labour hiring.

As per this policy, only 3 sectors, Construction, Agriculture and Plantation sectors are allowed to hire foreign workers.

Why should you hire a Foreign Worker in Malaysia?

Small and Medium enterprises are experiencing a shortage of workers, because; 
Locals are not willing to work in “Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult Jobs”, also known as the 3D jobs.
SMB’s need to hire more labour to run their business smoothly and efficiently.

Many “Small and Medium Business (SMB)”, “SDN BHD” and “BHD” companies take the services of a Reputed Foreign Worker Agency that supply both skilled and unskilled migrant workers without any hassle;

Currently,  Plantation and Commodity sector, which includes palm, cocoa and rubber, employs 220,000 locals and 265,397 registered foreign workers but requires 1 million workers.

Malaysia’s Plantation industry including Palm, is short by 5,00,000 workers

Malaysia farms face US$3 bil hit from palm oil worker shortage

Sectors still plagued by labour shortage

Shortage of Labour in Service, Construction, Plantation, Agriculture & Manufacturing sectors might jeopardize the Malaysian economy.

Begining from Quota Approval, Selection, Recruitment, Hiring, Documentation, Visa processing, Management of Worker, Accommodation, etc, until the worker returns to his home country, after the expiry of his work visa.

It’s no secret that Malaysia needs to outsource workers from other source countries due to the shortage of manpower locally.

Recruiting qualified worker using the Right Hiring Methods, Technology and Stringent process.

We strive to build up a Long Term Relationship not only with our Business Partners, Agents, Clients but also Workers.

Providing Full Spectrum of manpower agency services to our clients as well as business partners in Malaysia.

Why Andaraya?

  • 30+ years of experience in Foreign Worker Outsourcing Company in Malaysia
  • 1000+ foreign workers’ hired each year.
  • Designated Source Countries: Pakistan, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Myanmar & Bangladesh.
  • 6 Branches and Sub-stations in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • 150+ executive staff
  • #1 Foreign worker supply in Malaysia
  • Local worker supply
  • Own Fleet of vehicles for Transportation.
  • Accommodation & Hostel Management.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • 24/7 Support and Assistance.
  • Dedicated Project Supervisors.
  • Branch Managers to Supervise, Monitor, Manage the Workers 24/7.
  • 100% Compliance with Immigration and Labour Law of Malaysia.
  • Uninterrupted worker supply; ie Quick Worker Replacement, based on worker’s performance, at no extra cost, no hidden charges.
  • Emergency Team to attend to the worker.
  • Foreign Worker Management System for Human Resource Management of Workers, Agents and Employers

Foreign Manpower Agency Services in Malaysia

  1. Applying for necessary quota approvals for calling Visa.
  2. Agency handles Advertisement
  3. Their counterpart in source country arrange workers for Interview (Oral and Written) and recruits efficient workers.
  4. Agency follows strict compliance regarding, Documentation & Application submission for Calling Temporary Visa and work permit in Malaysia.
  5. Applying for Special Pass, Check Out Memo (COM) and or any other Services.

Conclusion: Most Sectors and Industries in Malaysia are facing Labour crunch;

Further COVID-19 pandemic has caused acute labour shortage

Manpower agency in Malaysia assists you in arranging the workforce for your business.

How do you address labour shortage in your industry or company?

Reach us for a Free Consultation on manpower recruitment

You can email us at or send us a message on WhatsApp alternatively drop in at any of our offices, we are available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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