Foreign Workers Manpower Supply Agency | Service Sector

The service sector is an important part of the economy.

While selecting a worker for the service industry, many factors are taken into consideration such as Health, Cleanliness, Experience and Persona.

Good interpersonal & communication skills were also being emphasized.

Activities in the Service Sector include : Retail, Banks, Hotels, Real estate, Education, Health, Social Work, Information Technology, Recreation, Telecommunications and Media, Electricity, Gas and water Supply.

In Brief, here’s the list of Sub-Sectors where Foreign Workers are allowed to work with in the Service Sector in Malaysia:

  • Cooks,
  • Cleaners,
  • Resort islands,
  • Spas and reflexology
  • Hotels
  • Shops,
  • Theme parks,
  • Dobby,
  • Barber,
  • Wholesale and retail businesses,
  • Textile business,
  • Goldsmith,
  • Welfare homes,
  • Workshop general worker,
  • Car wash general worker,
  • Market general worker,
  • Petrol station mart general worker,
  • Hypermarket general worker,
  • Mining,
  • Mangrove or logging forest,
  • Warehouses
  • Cargo at ports

Other Sub-sectors remain frozen sectors (Sektor Beku)

  • Used items
  • Airport cargo handling
  • Security grounds


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