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Foreign Worker Recruitment has become necessary due to the shortage of Labour either skilled / Unskilled or General Workers or Professionals in any Country.

And Malaysia is NO EXCEPTION.

There are good reasons for this such as lack of Technical Skilled and unavailability of Industry Professionals who can fill the jobs and that the entry of these workers will not have a negative impact on the Country’s labour market.

The employer has to demonstrate that they are unable to find suitable inland residents to occupy the position, hence it’s inevitable to Hire a Foreign Worker to fill up the vacancy.

Either Employers or Licensed Manpower Recruitment Agency in Malaysia can recruit people with a wide range of skills to meet temporary labour shortage.

Recruitment agency also provide Manpower Staffing Services & Foreign Worker Supply to the various industries in the country.


Foreign Manpower Recruitment Agency Services Malaysia.


Recruitment of Permanent Foreign Worker in Malaysiapic2

Work visas can be obtained by the employer or foreign manpower worker recruitment agencies in Malaysia who engage this workforce for various needs.

This is possible only when local hiring or permanent citizens are unavailable to be hired or engaged as per the Ministry Of Home Affairs.

As Local Workers’ are unwilling to work in the 3D jobs, dependence on Foreign Worker is inevitable.

Specifically, Construction, Plantation and Agriculture Sectors are forced to Hire foreign migrants.

Govt is taking steps to reduce over-dependence on foreign immigrants, with new “Malaysian First Rule”.


Recruitment of Temporary Foreign Worker process

The rules state that industries or  companies that plan to hire more than 51 workers can apply to the MoHA directly – though most prefer to go through a reputed and experienced recruitment agencies and headhunting firms in Malaysia.

Here, a temporary employment pass is required, which is issued for workers paid less than RM 5,000 for a period under 2 years.

Those industries which plan to hire less than 50 must go through an employment agency.

What is the Minimum age requirement to apply for a Work permit in Malaysia?

For a Foreign General worker (Labour) who is seeking employment in 3D Jobs ( Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous) must be 27 years and above.

For professionals, Minimum age requirement is 23 years.

How Long can a foreign worker work in Malaysia?

Work Permit is generally issued for 12 Months ( 1 Year ), thereafter they can renew until 10 years.


Forwarding the application through the right channels and getting it approved is not the only time-taking task that the Experienced Consultant will take off your hands.

There is much more than the recruitment agency would do to keep your stress levels at the minimum such as:

  • Provide post-hiring support
  • Manage any dispute
  • Remind and assist in the renewal of documents
  • Assist with deportation

The wisest thing you could do is to,

Search for the Best Foreign Worker Recruitment Company in Malaysia with KHEDN Number (License Number) to ensure that your search for Manpower Ends.

When you choose an experienced and reputed employment agency like  Andaraya, you can bid adieu to all your troubles/hassles in bringing them to work at your place.


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