Foreign Worker Agency in Malaysia (Estd 1989)

Foreign Worker Agency in Malaysia (estd 1989) that provided foreign worker recruitment and consultancy services to all sectors across the nation until outsourcing was banned.

We have extensive experience in recruiting workers from designated source countries as per our clients demand.

* Foreign Worker Recruitment is handled by our subsidiary company Agensi Pekerjaan Ukhwah Sdn Bhd, which is a Private Employment Agency (License C).

Foreign Worker Recruitment Process in Malaysia

foreign workers recruitment process

  • Documentation (adhering to the rules as defined by the Govt of Malaysia and Immigration Department)
  • Apply for Quota Approvals for Foreign Workers’ Recruitment from The Ministry of Home Affairs , One Stop Centre (OSC).
  • Approval letter from the Ministry of Home Resources [JTKSM Quota Approval]
  • Liaise with overseas manpower agents for recruitment and supply.
  • Place Job Order with respective Embassy Attestation.
  • Receive Bio data of the foreign workers from source country.
  • Advertisement, Profiling, Arrangement of workers for Interview (Oral and Written), Screening & Selection of efficient worker at the source country.
  • Labour Office & Manpower Approval.
  • Application for Calling Visa Clearance by the Malaysian Consulate at the respected country.
  • Clearance of workers at the airport upon arrival.
  • Obtain work permit pass from immigration department upon arrival,
  • Medical check-up [FOMEMA].
  • Accommodation setup.
  • Transportation to the workplace.
  • Work Permit Renewal.
  • Advice, Mentoring, Counseling and worker’s welfare.
  • Apply for Special Pass, Check Out Memo (COM) to return to the home country before the expiry of the work visa and or any other services.

Foreign Worker Employment Application

In accordance with the enforcement of Section 60K of the Labor Act 1955 from 1 January 2023, any employer who wishes to employ foreign workers must obtain initial approval from JTKSM first before proceeding with the next process at the relevant agency. 

The initial approval of the employment of foreign workers provided under Section 60K covers all non-citizen workers in the following categories:

Foreign workers – temporary work visit pass holders (PLKS) under the permitted sectors which are the manufacturing sector, the service sector, the plantation sector, the agriculture sector, the construction sector and the mining & quarrying sector;

Trade officers – holders of employment passes consisting of skilled workers;

Foreign Security Guard – foreign security guard employee;

Pass with work permit – Student Pass, Resident Pass Holder, Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H) & Malaysia Premium Visa Program (PVIP);

Other pass categories – Foreign Fishermen, Ship Crew, Tomyam Cooks, Traditional Passes (Thai citizens in bordering states), Ikhtisas Passes (religious teachers/artists/missionaries of other religions); and

Foreign workers employed from shelters.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Current Policies on Recruitment of Foreign Workers

  1. Employers are required to inform the vacancies to the Department of Labour, Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) in advance to enable local job seekers registered with JobsMalaysia to be given priority to fill the vacancies.
  2. Currently, only 6 employment sectors are allowed to hire foreign workers in the formal sectors which include construction, manufacturing, services, plantation, agriculture as well as mining and quarrying.
  3. There are 15 source countries allowed to supply foreign workers to Malaysia. The countries are Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, India, Viet Nam, Philippines (men), Pakistan, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Lao PDR, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
  4. The age limit for employment of foreign workers is 18 years (minimum) and 45 years (maximum). This age limit refers to the age at the first entry of foreign workers into Malaysia.
  5. The period of employment allowed is 10 years + 3 years for the 6 formal sectors
  6. A complete application for the recruitment of foreign workers can be submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources for consideration based on the conditions and criteria set by the Regulatory Agencies. However, the priority of employment is still given to the locals as the current policy of hiring foreign workers should only be a temporary measure to meet the needs of the industry.
  7. The latest information on policies can be obtained at:


  • How to apply for foreign worker quota in Malaysia

    Kementerian Sumber Manusia (Ministry of Human Resource) also called KSM is the prime authority for foreign workers' approval to live and work in Malaysia.

    If you want to employ foreign workers, you can apply for their Work Permits online. You can check the status of your application online.

    Our Expertise in Application Process New Foreign Worker Quota Approvals:

    • Approval for foreign workers
      • General Workers for Hotels, Restaurant, Malls, Super Markets, Hospital, Condominium, Golf Courses, Race Course, Ware House.
      • Housekeeping staff for Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Golf Resorts.
      • Factory Workers for Manufacturing Industries.
      • Semi-Skilled and Skilled Industrial Workers for Infrastructure Projects, Big Industrial Houses and Manufacturing Industries.
      • Plantation Workers to work in Palm Oil fields and other related to the plantation.
      • Agricultural Workers to work in fields for cultivation of Vegetables, Fruits, and other related.
      • Manufacturing industry like production operator, General Labour.
      • Security Guards most importantly Nepali security Personnel (the Trusted Security officers around the world).
    • Approval for Professional Visa (DP10, DP11)

  • What sectors are allowed to employ foreign workers?

    A: The following approved sectors:
    (a) Manufacturing Sector
    (b) Construction Sector
    (c) Plantation Sector
    (d) Agriculture Sector
    (e) Services Sector
         (i) Restaurant sub-sector (cooks only)
         (ii) Cleaning and sanitation sub-sector
         (iii) Resort island sub-sector

  • What is the levy payment rate for each approved worker?

    The levy payment rate for each approved worker varies according to sector.
    After obtaining approval, the employer must make levy payment according to the following rates:
    (i) Manufacturing sector RM 1,850
    (ii) Construction sector RM 1,850
    (iii) Plantation sector RM 640
    (iv) Agriculture sector RM 640
    (v) Services sector
    (a) Restaurant (Cooks) RM 1,850
    (b) Cleaning and Sanitation RM 1,850
    (c) Resort Islands RM 1,850

  • What are the approved source countries for foreign workers?

    No, these are the approved foreign worker source Countries:

    1. Thailand
    2. Cambodia
    3. Nepal
    4. Laos
    5. Vietnam
    6. Pakistan
    7. Sri Lanka
    8. Myanmar
    9. Turkmenistan
    10. Uzbekistan
    11. Kazakhstan

  • Are foreign workers from India allowed to work in the manufacturing sector?

    No. Foreign Workers from India are only allowed to work only in the services sector (restaurants only), construction sector (high tension cables), agriculture sector and plantation sector.

  • Are male workers from Indonesia allowed to work in the manufacturing sector?

    No. Male workers from Indonesia are allowed to work in all sectors except the manufacturing sector, while female workers from Indonesia are allowed to work in all sectors.

  • Are foreign workers allowed to work as cashiers?

    No. Foreign workers are not allowed to work as front-line workers.

  • How to apply for employment quota of foreign workers?

    Employers are to submit applications to the Ministry of Human Resources online via:

  • What action should be taken if the employer fails to register ID in the ePLKS system and is asked to refer to the OSC?

    Employers need to update the information of the employer/employer's representative using the form

A complete application that satisfies all the conditions stipulated in the checklist will be processed and a decision given on the same day.
The employer whose foreign worker application has been approved will receive approval certification and must make the levy payment within 48 hours of the date of approval. Payment should be made in the form of a bank draft in the name of Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia.

No. Foreign workers are not allowed to work as front-line workers.

Approval for the intake of foreign workers is given based on the actual requirement of the employer/company.

The Foreign Worker Management Division is the secretariat of the Foreign Worker One-Stop Approval Agency which was established to handle applications for intake of foreign workers for sectors that have been approved following the employer’s failure to secure local workers.

The establishment of the Foreign Worker One-Stop Approval Agency is in line with the aspiration of the government to practice good corporate governance as well as to reduce bureaucracy, and subsequently enhance the quality of service delivery to the people.

The Foreign Worker Management Division is headed by an undersecretary and comprises four units:

* Application and Processing Unit.
* Policy and Bilateral Negotiation Unit.
* Inspection, Complaint and Outsourcing Unit.
* Information System and Administration Unit.

As an Employer, If you are interested to Employ a foreign worker then you should apply for Visa with Reference (VDR).

Starting from February 2017, Employers can apply online via Foreign Workers Integrated Management System (ePPAx) 

For a Foreign General worker (Labour) who is seeking employment in 3D Jobs ( Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous) must be 27 years and above.

For professionals, Minimum age requirement is 23 years.

Work Permit is generally issued for 12 Months ( 1 Year ), thereafter they can renew until 10 years.


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  • Assist with COM (Check out Memo)

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