Manpower Recruitment [Local & Foreign] Agency in Malaysia

Manpower recruitment [Local & Foreign] agency in Malaysia that helps Business of all sizes to hire and recruit foreign workers from designated countries.

Established in the year 1989, our agency consists of experts with experience, who can assist you with the recruitment and employment of Local and Foreign Worker.

Foreign Worker Recruitment Process

foreign workers recruitment process
  • Documentation (adhering to the rules as defined by the Govt of Malaysia and Immigration Department)
  • Apply for Quota Approvals for Foreign Workers’ Recruitment from The Ministry of Home Affairs , One Stop Centre (OSC).
  • Approval letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs [KDN Quota Approval]
  • Liaise with overseas manpower agents for recruitment and supply.
  • Place Job Order with respective Embassy Attestation.
  • Receive Bio data of the foreign workers from source country.
  • Advertisement, Profiling, Arrangement of workers for Interview (Oral and Written), Screening & Selection of efficient worker at the source country.
  • Labour Office & Manpower Approval.
  • Application for Calling Visa Clearance by the Malaysian Consulate at the respected country.
  • Clearance of workers at the airport upon arrival.
  • Obtain work permit pass from immigration department upon arrival,
  • Medical check-up [FOMEMA].
  • Accommodation setup.
  • Transportation to the workplace.
  • Work Permit Renewal.
  • Advice, Mentoring, Counseling and worker’s welfare.
  • Apply for Special Pass, Check Out Memo (COM) to return to the home country before the expiry of the work visa and or any other services.
Approved Source Countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

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