Foreign Workers Manpower Outsourcing Agency and Management Company

As a Foreign Worker OutSourcing Agency as well as Company engaged in Foreign Worker Supply and Management Services, We render the following services as Manpower Consultants:-

  • Application, Documentation and other required formalities with the Govt Departments for the same.
  • Calling visas for Work Permit to live and work in Malaysia, obtaining endorsement from Government department,
    Process and attestation from relevant foreign Consulate in Malaysia.
  • Hiring and Recruitment from source country, approvals from labor department, Processing for Visa, Flight Ticket, Accommodation etc,Clearance at the KLIA Airport.
  • Premium for FWCS insurance cover, FOMEMA, Accommodation(Our Owned Hostels) , Transportation and other required facilities., Payroll Management, Employee Benefits, Motivating, Counseling, Supervisory attention, Crisis Management, Renewal of work permit for foreign workers.
  • Compliance of all statutory and requirements relative to the employment of the workers,
  • Arrange orientation and training programs (as when required by clients) for workers to help and guide them in understanding and inculcating the Malaysian culture, tradition, law, and practices.

How Effectively to Manage Foreign Workers and the Payroll System

Our mission is to help our clients to focus more on their Business rather than other non-productive human resources related tasks.

When other internal tasks are outsourced to third parties, then you need to focus only on your Business Expansion and Growth.

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