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As a Top Manpower Agency in Malaysia, We specialize in Total Manpower Recruitment Agency Services (Permanent and Temporary), Manpower Outsourcing, Manpower Supply & Management (Short Term and Long Term Worker Supply),  Local Worker Supply as well as Foreign Worker Supply.


“Manpower Recruitment Agency or Supply Agency or Manpower Agency or Recruitment Agency’ is an agency that is primarily engaged into Recruitment or Supply of Manpower, temporarily or otherwise, to a client”

Around 5,000 people join us each year from various geographies, through a network of counterparts in different countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, to live and work in Malaysia to improve their finances and better life style there by reducing the labour shortage in Malaysia.

Our Services include but not limited to Manpower Supply and Management of General, Un-Skilled, Skilled labor and Professionals in the following sectors:

  • Security Guard Supply
  • Agriculture Labour Supply
  • Construction Worker Supply
  • Plantation Worker Supply
  • Cleaning Worker Supply
  • Restaurant Worker Supply
  • Manufacturing – Skilled, Semi skilled
  • General Factory Worker (Production Operator)
  • General Worker Supply
  • Facility Management  Worker Supply
  • Warehouse Worker Supply
  • Cargo Worker Supply

Apart from these we also deal with the processing of the work permits which are mandatory to live and work in Malaysia legally:

  • Work Visa / Work permit (Temporary Working Visa)
  • Professional Visa

Capable to Provide, Organize and Manage the workers, according to your requirement in a quick, efficient and transparent manner.

Rather than simply placing “worker into temporary jobs”, Andaraya invests in people by Permanently employing them as their own employee under their payroll.

We accept full employment liability and responsibility on behalf of the foreign worker such as –

  • Vacation/holiday pay along with free air ticket
  • Sick leave pay
  • Free learning course
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Accommodation & Transportation
  • Medical 
  • Insurance


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