Message from CEO

Dato Sri Haji Mohammad Ismail Bin Norbat

Dato Sri Mohammad Ismail Bin Norbat, better known as Haji Ismail, is the Founder and CEO of Andaraya (M) Sdn Bhd and its group of Companies.

Haji Ismail started Andarya Malaysia Sdn Bhd (AMSB) in the year 1989, modestly with just 5 staff members;

Today, we are proud family of 100+ permanent staff and with nine (9) branch offices nationwide.

A humble beginning before climbing up the ladder of success and were recognized as one of the most reputable group that provided services such as Manpower Recruitment, Manpower Supply, Human Resources Outsourcing Services as well as Immigration related services until March 2019.

Our origin lies in the foundation of the Andaraya (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd “AMSB” Group of Companies, which currently engages in manpower business as its core.

The strength of the company is that we have the passion and will to perform excellent service for customers who entrust work to us and to meet their expectations. We are well supported by professional, dedicated, experienced, and disciplined staff members who share our passion and resolve.

We will continue to take on new challenges and believe that we have so far been able to grow precisely because our company is an aggregate of people who share our passion.

Our Group is committed to realizing its vision of reinventing how personnel management and support services are provided across the country, providing our clients with distinctive and exceptional services, and building a strong brand with a high expectation of value for the services rendered.

Congruent to our motto, “Transforming our Deliveries,” we have positioned AMSB to provide reliable “Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)” which would ease the burden of our clients in their day-to-day management of workers.

IFM where we provide full board management of workers’ accommodation, transportation, and “off-work” daily welfare, will soon be our signature service.

Over the years, the market, technology, governing laws, and procedures have continued to undergo significant changes;

A classic example of these changes is when the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak exposed the shoddy and poor living conditions of workers, especially the foreign workers in Malaysia.

The best response in this circumstance is our IFM.

Numerous multinational corporations have commended our current IFM for providing professional and high-quality services that adhere to the guidelines established by international auditing organizations for workers’ rights and well-being, including the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

Our in-house IFM has been tailored not only to meet International Standards but most importantly the requirement under Act 446 – The Workers’ Minimum Standards of Housing And Amenities (Amendment).

The Act 446 is strictly being enforced by Labour Office of Ministry of Human Resource “Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK)” Malaysia and its compliance has been made mandatory since June 1st, 2020, in response to the sorry state of poor living conditions exposed by the pandemic.

Compliance with Act 446 is no longer a choice but a must, failing which a hefty penalty will be imposed. Employers are also at risk of having to bear more costs besides the penalty, which may include jail terms for offenders. 

Compounding the penalties imposed is when the government would also temporarily move the affected workers to the nearest available hotel at the expense of the offender.

We are here to provide our IFM where we intend to build as many labour camps to house the workers. We have in principle secured the necessary approval from the Ministry of Human Resources for our proposed model of the labour camp.

The labour camp is modelled using the modular system which is cheap and fast to build.

In achieving this objective, we will work hand in hand with interested employers as well as local government or any related government agencies.

We are motivated, inspired, and ever-ready to serve our clients’ needs, especially during the current compelling situation.

Lastly, what I would like to emphasize is that AMSB is not the best choice for everyone but we believe that our success as a company is due to the quality, dedication and competence of our employees and that their success and accomplishment are our success.


Dato Sri Mohammad Ismail Bin Norbat
Chief Executive Officer