Manpower Agency for Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia

Manpower Agency for Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia plays a vital role in delivering effective staffing solutions ranging from Supplying skilled, semi-skilled, Unskilled workers to Gas per the demand of the clients’.

Manufacturing Sector is very huge and very imperative in the Malaysian economy.

In 2019, the manufacturing industry contributed 37.42%  to the gross domestic product (GDP) in Malaysian economy as per Statista.

Around 2.55 million people were employed in the manufacturing industry in Malaysia in 2019.

Overall the manufacturing workforce in Malaysia works full-time, with 97.6 per cent of workers engaged in full-time employment. However the gender balance of employment within the industry is more skewed, with males comprising 62.5 per cent of paid employment in the industry.

The Malaysian Employers Federation said about 700000 foreign workers are employed in Manufacturing Industry.

The manufacturing sector comprises establishments engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products or Finished products to customers or end users.

As per The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) there are about 700,000 and 309,000 foreigners are employed in the manufacturing and service sectors while some 130,000 are domestic workers. …

According to Deputy Human Resources Minister Awang Hashim, Currently, there are more than two million foreign workers registered with the Ministry of Human Resources,” .

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What are the Key Sub-sectors within Manufacturing Sector?

Few of the key sub-sectors within the manufacturing industry are:
Petroleum, Chemical, Rubber and Plastic products
Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Electrical, electronic and optical products

What are the Industries within Manufacturing Sector?

Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical engineering, Industrial robot, Industrial engineering, Advanced manufacturing, Metal fabrication, Micro fabrication, Optics fabrication, Semiconductor device fabrication, Bio manufacturing, Mesoscale Manufacturing, Cyber manufacturing etc

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Recruitment of workers for Manufacturing Industry

IQ of the candidate.
Responsiveness to the instructions.
Simple mathematics.
Analytical skills.
Color blind test.
Physical test.

Subsequently, selecting the most appropriate person for the job profile is the preference of ours and of course of the employer.

How to recruit workers for the Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia?

There are two categories of workers to hire:

a. Local Worker
b. Foreign Worker
c. Manpower Agency

Job Posting in the local News papers and print media, Online Job Portals, participate in the career fair is the simplest way to find, Select and hire a local manpower directly.

Legitimately, it is a tough task to source workers from designated countries, but with compliant documentation and requisite approvals and quota from KDN, its easy to hire Foreign manpower directly.

Manpower Agency For Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia can help you, in the recruitment process, both for locals and non-locals.

Some local agencies provide Temporary, Permanent, Full Time, Contract Worker too.


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Around 2.55 million people were employed in the manufacturing industry in Malaysia in 2019. Statista

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