Malaysia is determined to reduce the dependence of Low skilled migrant workforce by employing Local Workers.

Malaysia is determined to reduce the dependence of Low skilled migrant workforce by employing Local Workers.

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Govt has introduced a new Economic policy, to encourage local worker recruitment and to restrict foreign labour hiring.

As per this policy, only 3 sectors, namely; Construction, Agriculture and Plantation sectors are allowed to hire foreign workers.

Why does Malaysia depend on Foreign Worker?

Shortage of labor resources in Malaysia is forcing the country to depend on the labor workforce from outside.

The country is experiencing an acute labour shortage, because of the freezing of entry of new foreign workers into Malaysia due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Restriction on new foreign worker intake has resulted in acute labour shortage in the country.

Locals are not keen to work in “Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult Jobs”, also known as the 3D jobs.

Evidently, Foreign Workers in Malaysia are employed in 3D jobs in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Plantation, Construction and Service.

Jobs in Service Sector, which include Shopping malls, fast food outlets, convenience stores, Restaurant and Hotels can be taken up Local Malaysians.

In-fact the service sector jobs should be reserved for Local workers Only.

Employers first preference is to employ foreign workers than locals because of the low wages and it give a lot of benefits.

SMB’s need to hire more labour to run their business smoothly and efficiently.

Many “Small and Medium Business (SMB)”, “SDN BHD” and “BHD” companies take the services of a Reputed Foreign Manpower Supplier to hire both skilled and unskilled migrant workers without any hassle;


The plantation and Commodity sector, which includes palm, cocoa and rubber, employs 220,000 locals and 265,397 registered foreign workers but requires 1 million workers.

Labour shortage in Service, Construction, Plantation, Agriculture & Manufacturing sectors might jeopardize the Malaysian economy.

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Most Sectors and Industries are facing Labour crunch in Malaysia;

Further more, COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious labour shortage affecting business and economy as a whole.