Employment Pass In Malaysia [Work Permit & Immigration Services]

With an average economic growth between 5 to 10 % over the last twenty years, Malaysia certainly offers good employment opportunities. If you are keen on exploring the Far East and some challenging work opportunities, this is your destination.

People from Countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam etc who want to live and work in Malaysia to improve their family’s socio economic condition back home, also in search of better employment opportunities. Most of the Workers who wish to come to work are either Uneducated or educated below secondary level.

Shortage for Labour, Skilled, Semi Skilled, Unskilled as well as Professional workers is a hindrance to any company or firm even the country’s economy as a whole, forcing the management to shut down plants in spite of having large contracts and profitable ventures.

Of course, all the foreigners with interest and willingness to live and work in Malaysia are required to apply for a work permit. The logical procedure is that the work permit application is to be made before entering Malaysia but most of the nationalities can also apply for it while having already entered the country with a visit pass (depending on your nationality, you will need or not a visa before entering Malaysia as a visitor, however, foreigners who are resident of the Commonwealth countries are exempted from visa application).

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Kindly Note: Currently, We have suspended Processing of Permanent Residency (PR), Professional (DP 10 & 11), as well as Student Visa.

We well let you know once the Suspension is Revoked.