Manpower provider For Cargo & Logistics in Malaysia [Warehouse, Distribution and Fulfilment Center] [updated]

Arrival of New Foreign Workers from Bangladesh

Super Excited to welcome Bangladeshi Workers (2018).

These workers join their colleagues in the Ware House, Fulfillment and Distribution Center in Selangor District of Malaysia which is not limited to E-commerce but also Super Market Chains, Hyper Markets.

What is the Fulfillment Center?

According to The Entrepreneur, the Fulfillment centre is defined as “The process of receiving, packaging and shipping orders for goods”.

While any company selling products directly to consumers through the mail must deal with fulfillment, this term is most often associated with e-commerce.

Ecommerce companies in Malaysia employ thousands of workers for Receiving, Packaging, Wrapping and Arrangement to ship products to customers in an organized and timely manner.

Super Market Chains, Hyper Markets also have Ware Houses and Distribution houses to Stock procured from multiple wholesalers, manufacturing companies and imports from sourced countries to supply, to a various network of branches within its jurisdiction.

Assortment, Sortation centre, where prepped packages are sorted before being shipped to individual post offices.

Fulfilment centres are all about efficiency, and the conveyor belts move fast.

Check out the slideshow which highlights the differences between Distribution Centers and Fulfillment Centers.

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