Advantages of Partnering with a Manpower Supplier in Malaysia

Advantages of Partnering with a Manpower Supplier

Manpower Supplier in Malaysia that provides workforce (Local & Foreign Workers), based on clients recruitment & demand.

A Manpower Agency acts as a bridge between the Employers who are looking for workforce and the Job-seeker who are actively looking for jobs.

Our Group company Agensi Pekerjaan Ukhwah Sdn bhd (License C” bearing License No: JTKSM 657C by Jabatan Tenaga Kerja “JTK” or Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia) is authorised to recruit and supply workers in Malaysia.

we have listed down the Advantages and disadvantages of Partnering with a Manpower Supplier.


  • Effective & Timely arrangement as well as management of Manpower.
  • Quick Worker Replacement (Secondment).
  • Accommodation / hostel provided or taken care as per govt rules and regulations.
  • Transportation provided or taken care.
  • Foreign Worker Payroll Management.
  • Recruitment is handled by manpower agency as per the clients requirement, hence Employer has nothing to worry about intake of workers.


  • The agency might pull out the workers, if any disputes arise with the employer.
  • Worker Permit (foreign worker) is issued under the Manpower Supply Company,  employer have no right to claim the worker.