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“Back for Good” (B4G) ends on 31 Dec 2019

Update: The Govt has launched The Return Recalibration Programme for the illegals to go back to their country of origin.

“Back for Good” (B4G) program is intended for safe exit of illegals from Peninsular Malaysia ends on 31 Dec 2019.

“The response has been positive. We registered 290 foreigners today — mostly Indonesians, followed by Bangladeshi and Myanmar nationals.

“They are those who had overstayed or did not posses a valid document.” Hamidi advised the applicants to get tickets from licensed travel agents and not be deceived by those offering unusually low prices.

“Make sure everything is in order — ticket, travel document and RM 700 cash (to sign up for the program),” he added.

Documents required:

  1. Original Passport or Travel Pass (Travel Document issued by their respective Embassy)
  2. Original Flight Ticket

All they need is to Pay a Compound Fee of  RM 700 and show the flight tickets for them to return to their countries of origin.

The last amnesty program, called the 3+1 amnesty programme ran from 2014 to August last year with 840,000 illegal immigrants repatriated and RM 400 million in compounds collected.